SEMIAL Specifications


SEMIAL implants are indicated for use in one or two level lumbar fusions using an anterior approach (L1 to L5 and S1) to reduce or eliminate pain and mechanical instability resulting from the following conditions:

Spondylolisthesis (Grades I and II)
Degenerative Disc Disease
Spinal Stenosis
Disc Herniation

Semial implants are designed to restore interbody vertebral disc height and maintain solid bony fusion when used in conjunction with bone graft material and supportive posterior instrumentation.

The implants are made of PEEK-OPTIMAŽ LT, a biocompatible thermoplastic polymer, which provides numerous benefits including an elasticity modulus similar to cortical bone and excellent postoperative imaging of the fused vertebral segment(s).

Key Advantages

Patented Low Profile Inferior and Superior Teeth Configuration
Solid Purchase Between the Implant and Vertebral Endplate

Fenestrated and Contoured Design
Facilitates Implant Insertion
Promotes Good Bony In-Growth of the Graft Material

PEEK-OPTIMA LT Thermoplastic Polymer Material
Biocompatibility and Elasticity Modulus Similar to Cortical Bone

Radiolucent and Artifact-Free
Optimal Postoperative Imaging Quality

Embedded Titanium Markers
Easy Implant Identification and Positioning

Wide Selection of Implant Shapes and Sizes
Accommodates Individual Patient Anatomy

Comprehensive Range of Implant Instrumentation
High Quality, Easy to Use and Cost Effective Implant System