KIMBA Specifications


The innovative design of the implant allows it to guide itself into position from a lateral approach without extensive manipulation.

In addition it provides both a large contact surface to prevent subsidence and the capacity to hold a significant quantity of bone graft.

Manufactured in innovative ECF PEEK-OPTIMA.
It combines high strength with excellent postoperative imaging.


One or two level posterior fusion for the treatment of:

Mechanical back pain with or without neurological deficit
Spondylolisthesis (grades I, II)
Degenerative disc disease
Anterior column instability with posterior pathology

Specific Advantages

Implant Geometry
High resistance to subsidence
Large capacity for bone graft
High multidirectional stability

Self-Guiding Implant Design
Simplifies implant insertion
Reduces risk of complications due to insertion manipulations
Improves accuracy of implant placement

Excellent mechanical performance
Artifact-free imaging
Material strength permits self-guiding features