NUBIC Specifications


The simple and efficient selection in cervical interbody fusion. Using an anterior approach and following cervical discectomy the NUBIC cervical implant is indicated for use in:

Intervertebral disc prolapse
Disc luxation or herniation
Mechanical instability
Calcification of the posterior structures
Spinal canal stenosis

PEEK OPTIMA LT , a revolutionary biocompatible thermoplastic solution for in-vivo applications, is particularly suitable as an implant material. Since its introduction more than 20 years ago, the polymer has become ever more the material of choice for applications requiring outstanding resistance to chemicals, heat, steam, radiation and wear. While being all but totally inert, this polymer combines superior strength, stiffness and impact resistance while allowing excellent post operative imaging of the operative site. For more information have a look at our technical brochure.

Specific Advantages

Artefactfree in MRI technology
Optimal postoperative control

Titanium markers
Easy identification and positioning

Excellent biocompatibility
In-vivo, PEEKā„¢ is all but totally inert

Toothed, superior and inferior surfaces
Assuring a secure seating of the implant

Wide opening for solid fusion
Allowing good bony in-growth

Oblong form
In accordance with the Smith-Robinson technique

Curved surface
Ideal adaption to the vertebral body