Emerging Technology

SIGNUS Medical LLC is an emerging medical device provider with headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota. SIGNUS Medical's goals are to develop innovative solutions for the surgical treatment of patients. Pioneering the introduction of new biomaterials such as PEEK-Optima, and research into the next generation of materials places our company at the forefront of implant technology.

Product Releases

Recent and pending product releases in the spinal market have been successfully developed through cooperation and input from our pool of technical and research physicians. Continuing collaboration promises exciting new developments and extensions of our product line.

Open Forum

SIGNUS Medical is open to and encourages the free exchange of ideas in device development. SIGNUS has proven to be a successful conduit for the advancement of new products and ideas resulting in their ultimate release into the market. If you have any ideas you would like to share on either a new product, or any improvements to our existing line, please contact our office.